• Q1 – Recent Work

    Our clients and partners propelled us to a whole new level the past few months. Here are some of the most exciting pieces of work –from a series of long form 8-minute documentary films produced by our team at Magnet and directed by our new incredible roster of Sundance-award-winning women, in partnership with TIAA and Chicken & Egg Pictures… to a comedy / reality mini-series for a popular learn-a-language app…to a series of rich, thoughtful explainers designed by Politico’s Pulitzer Award-winning illustrator and animated by our team.

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  • Attention via Experience: March 2018 Executive Dinner

    At Magnet Media, we embrace the opportunity to expose our clients to the newest, most innovative products and trends in the digital and tech space. On March 22, we hosted this years first quarterly executive dinner, themed ‘Attention via Experience’. More than forty clients, friends, and guests attended the ultimate dinner ‘experience’, and with ubiquitous excitement, explored the world of Virtual Reality.

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  • Who’s New At Magnet

    It’s been a while since we’ve last shared what’s been going on over at 122 west 27th, and there’s so much we’re eager to fill you in on! In early 2018, we were delighted to welcome both Michelle Cast and Matthew Sussberg to the Magnet family. Both Michelle and Matthew have stellar backgrounds – Michelle in the video production side of editorial, and Matthew as Chief Revenue Officer for a number of online editorial platforms. In their new roles, Michelle has stepped in as Director of Production and Matthew as Executive Vice President of Sales and Head of Growth. Cool jobs? Cooler people.

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  • Insights & Opportunities

    Attention is the most scarce resource, and it’s increasingly difficult to capture. Influencers, brands, consumers and media companies are producing millions of video-based stories every day. But reaching a targeted audience at scale, engaging them emotionally and intellectually —as well as measuring the impact— has never been more challenging… so now what?

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  • The 3 Reasons Why Interactive Video Is Great For Your Video Content

    People today are bombarded with so much content that they are skeptical of everything. In our fast-paced world of snaps and swiping, it is difficult to connect with viewers due to the sheer amount of content they are exposed to. Consumers want choice, control and content that is personalized to them. Part of the reason is that viewers feel overwhelmed is that most of the content they see is irrelevant to their daily life.

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