It was a busy news week, thanks to International CES 2012 in Las Vegas. Here’s a snapshot just a few of the stories and links we found of interest this week in the digital video, social media, technology, and content marketing space.

Google Search Plus Your World (Google Blog)

Arguably one of the week’s biggest and most controversial stories was Google’s announcement of its new “Google Search Plus Your World,” which integrates tailored results from a user’s own Google+ social community into Google searches. It’s a bold move by Google that could push its burgeoning social network over the top, but it’s also earned vocal criticism from across the web, as many believe it unfairly favors Google’s own network over others, including Twitter and Facebook. Twitter has been particularly critical of the move.

There’s really no question the move places Google+ at an advantage, however some have argued that it’s their search engine, so their own rules naturally apply. It’s an interesting conversation, as the search engine giant is essentially viewed as a public utility at this point.

Intel Reportedly Fakes Its Ultrabook Graphics Demo at CES (

Meanwhile at CES in Las Vegas, Intel was accused of faking a graphics demonstration of its latest super-thin and much-buzzed-about laptop, the Ultrabook. Video quickly made the rounds of Mooly Eden, vice president and general manager of Intel’s PC group, appearing to fake playing a video game. Mooly admitted to not actually playing the game, saying it was being controlled remotely, however a tell-tale VLC Player interface on the screen gave away a more likely scenario that the game demo was actually a pre-recorded video and not a live demonstration of the computer’s touted graphics hardware.

The Ultrabook still managed to hold the spotlight in spite of the PR fumble, and is on many folks’ watch lists as a possible competitor to the Macbook Air.

Facebook Launches New “Listen with Friends” Feature (VentureBeat)

Facebook rolled out a new feature this week that allows Facebook users to listen to Spotify music together without leaving Facebook. Previously, activity of Spotify users who opted into sharing on Facebook was published in friends’ feeds with an option to play the song. With “Listen with Friends,” users now have an opportunity to actually play the song along with the user already listening, so they can enjoy their sweet Rihanna tunes together.

Microsoft’s Says Goodbye to CES

Long a strong showing at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, Microsoft took the stage this week for its final CES. Prior to Steve Ballmer’s keynote, CEA presented him with a scrapbook of memories, after which Ballmer launched into a retrospective by artist Pogo, and was later joined onstage by Ryan Seacrest to promote Microsoft products including its Windows Phone platform.

MySpace and Panasonic Launch ‘MySpace TV’ (LostRemote)

Pop star Justin Timberlake took the stage at CES to help Panasonic and MySpace announce their new joint venture, MySpace TV. As LostRemote reported, MySpace TV “will connect viewers around their favorite content, ‘simplifying discovery be creating fan communities’ who can comment and chat with friends in real-time. MySpace TV will ship built-in to Panasonic’s VIERA Connect TVs.”

That’s only the tip of the iceberg. What other stories were you following this week? Let us know in the comments and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. While you’re at, sign up for our free weekly newsletter.

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