Video is undeniably the most powerful media you can create today. For brands and media companies alike, the demand for more and better video has never been higher. But the market is also in a state of total confusion.

As a resource, attention is becoming increasingly scarce, and increasingly difficult to capture.  Influencers, brands, consumers and media companies are producing millions of video-based stories every day, but reaching a targeted audience at scale, engaging them emotionally and intellectually—as well as measuring the impact—has never been more challenging.

With help from our esteemed advisory board, we have formally released our annual State of Video 2018 trends forecast, in ten information-packed chapters. In this in-depth report, we touch on how successful marketers are implementing proven strategies for success with video content, as well as how to use emerging video formats to drive measurable, lasting results.

Some Topics We Discuss:

  • How to build (and execute) a video content strategy
  • How short form social video is driving shocking conversion results
  • Which marketers are using AI —and what outcomes and business results they’re driving
  • Why interactive video is emerging as the savior of customer engagement
  • How smart marketers are using VR for brand lift as well as research and development
  • Strategies for creating effective videos at scale

To learn more about the State of Video 2018, or to inquire about setting up a time for a State of Video 2018 presentation, email us at: with the subject line “State of Video 2018”.