With Facebook Live being made available to all profiles this year, creating a live-stream is as simple as pulling up the app and pressing a button. Brands looking to score big in the live video space, however, are going to have to get a little more creative. And with more creativity comes more complications.  

Being a leading expert in all types of video content, we decided to address your concerns the best way we knew how: A live stream!

The event took place Friday, August 26th at 1pm and was streamed live via our Facebook and YouTube pages. You can watch the full video Here!


What we covered


Why live-streaming?

  • Live-streams are engaging, create a sense of urgency, and allow you to interact with your audience in a way that is incomparable to other types of content.
  • Facebook reports that people watch live videos more than 3x longer than videos that are not live.


What to keep in mind before you go live…

  • What is the context? Will you be interviewing someone or will you be doing a product demo? You’ll want to approach the style of your video differently depending on the scenario.
  • For a lot of brands getting all the resources together for a live-stream can be difficult to do on their own. Find a production partner that will understand your needs and has a proven track record of driving results.
  • Make sure to stay true to your brand. A live-stream may or may not make sense for you. If it does, you want it to look and feel like the energy your company puts out to the world.
  • Set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)


And… You’re live!

  • It’s easy to get flustered when you’re being filmed. Live-streams are meant to be natural and allows room for those “Ums” you’re so worried about. Be yourself and focus on having a good time while staying on message. You’re viewers want to experience the moment, not another scripted video.
  • Step up your production value by adding multiple camera angles, pop up graphics, lower thirds, pre-recorded video, and more!


My live-stream is over, now what?

  • Measure the statistics. Learn more about your audience. Did you meet your KPIs? Pay attention to….

–  Demographics of viewers

–  # of viewers

–  Average watch time

–  Reactions and comments on posts

  • The best content is Evergreen Content. This is content that you can use over and over again, maximizing the amount of bang you get for your buck.

As you can see, when it comes to live-streaming there’s a lot to learn! Interested in learning more? Check out our case studies and contact us today!