It was an incredible quarter, producing and delivering more than five videos a week (on average) to our client partners.  Here are just some highlights from the past three months:


Spike TV (now Paramount Network)

Change can be hard, for everyone. But sometimes, what’s worse than change itself is the sheer unawareness that such changes are coming.

Magnet Media helped create and produce a short video, interviewing New Yorkers to get their thoughts about Spike TV’s evolving and rebranding into Paramount Network. Leaning into the humor of the situation, we hired a fake therapist, set up a mock office in Madison Square Park, and let consumers and our “health professional” deal with the shock and awe of this dramatic revelation.




Babbel continues to grow in popularity against competitors like Rosetta Stone. Babbel and Magnet Media worked together to create assets that make Babbel stand out as fun and easy to use. We hired two millennial participants to commit to a two week French language training course. Playing on some of the stereotypical struggles of daily life, Magnet created a video that tests Babbel’s claims to expedited language learning. Watch as these two participants go on blind dates and put their newly learned french to the test. Can they hold up a conversation? Oui will see!

WATCH: Babble: The French Connection


TIAA Difference Makers (Three Stories)

TIAA connected with a number of their customers around the compelling and thought-provoking differences they’re making in their communities. Magnet documented the monumental impact being made by extraordinary individuals in different areas of humanitarian and community-nourishing work. Each documentary was directed by one of three award-winning female filmmakers from our partners at Chicken & Egg Films. We look forward to sharing the continued success of these enlightening docufilms.

2018 marks TIAA’s centennial, and as an homage to the brand’s continued commitment to the nonprofit world, TIAA partnered with Oath to launch the TIAA Difference Maker 100 program, onboarding companies such as Magnet Media and other strategic partners to elevate this multifaceted campaign.

As part of the Difference Maker 100 program TIAA is accepting submissions from people who work for nonprofits, to select 100 honorees who are making a positive impact via their personal and professional endeavors. The Difference Maker 100 honorees will each receive $10,000 for the nonprofit where they are working to make a better world, totaling $1 million in donations from TIAA. Submissions will be accepted through June 12.

To check out more on TIAA’s Different Maker Program or to nominate a worthy individual, Click Here