1. Digital Video Is Accessible To The Masses

What’s so important about digital video content?

Everyone uses it! Digital video is used by audiences of ALL ages – it’s not just for younger viewers.

Digital video is also an extremely valuable tool. When measuring usage to effectiveness, it comes in second to in-person events. But, I believe that it offers a far more scalable solution, giving audiences the ability to gain greater visibility into an organization. We know it’s difficult to physically reach every person, but digital video can deliver a message to any individual, anywhere, to be consumed on their schedule. Best of all, they can go back and review it again as needed.


When do we need more than just traditional linear video?

However, with so much video content out there, there’s competition for your audience’s attention.  In an age of greater options and shorter attention spans, how do you keep them engaged? With traditional linear video, you can only collect data on the number of views and comments. But how do you know whether your video was truly successful? Do you know if your message made an impact to your targeted audience? Interactive video is a solution to these questions.


2. Viewers Choose What They See

Interactive Video: The Logical Next Step

People today are bombarded with so much content that they are skeptical of everything. In our fast-paced world of snaps and swiping, it is difficult to connect with viewers due to the sheer amount of content they are exposed to.

Consumers want choice, control and content that is personalized to them. Part of the reason is that viewers feel overwhelmed is that most of the content they see is irrelevant to their daily life.

Interactive video gives them that control. When a viewer clicks a button and an action is taken, the viewer is actively engaged and ultimately gives us the ability to create content that skips sections irrelevant to the viewer. We can find out if they’re in the mood for a sandwich or a cup of coffee.

“The results are real. Interactive Videos are engaging  viewers longer than standard videos, with completion rates around 90% compared to 50%–85% for linear videos—and IVs often have repeat videos. Click-through rates for IV are also higher at 5-12% compared 1-2%  for typical video advertising. A well-done Interactive Video will stand out and provide a memorable experience, one viewers will be motivated to share.” (source: http://room214.com/strategy/interactive-video-the-evolution-of-video-marketing_)


3. And They Become More Engaged

Delivering the information is great. Collecting the information is great! But at the end of the day, we also want those viewers to take some sort of action. All too often people intend to do something, but they don’t follow through. They struggle. They get distracted. They don’t know where to start.

This is where Interactive Video succeeds. It engages. It informs. And it drives action.


At Magnet Media we are all about pushing the boundaries of video technology, everything from VR to live streams.  There is a great deal of potential in interactive video, and we are happy and excited to work with our clients to explore that potential…to the Max.

More about Magnet Media Films:

At Magnet Media, we pride ourselves on being a strategic studio. What does that even mean? Well, a strategic studio creates engaging video content and provides strategy, production and distribution all under one roof. For the past 15+ years, we have partnered with the best brands in the world to develop innovative end to end solutions.