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DreamWorks Animation: Social Media Account Management

As its social agency of record, Magnet Media advises on DreamWorks Animations’ social media strategy, which increased Likes and Followers by more than 77% in the first 10 months.


DreamWorks Animation maintained a solid presence on social media, with more than 33 million Likes and Followers from 30+ social media accounts. Those fans engaged with the posts at a rate of 1.67%, which is well above the standard benchmark of 1% for large brands. However, these numbers regularly lagged behind DreamWorks Animation’s main competitors—Disney Pixar and Disney Movies. DreamWorks Animation collaborated with Magnet Media to improve Fan acquisition and engagement.


Magnet Media began by auditing DreamWorks Animation’s Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, and used the findings to develop a set of brand guidelines. Magnet Media asserted that speaking in the voices of DreamWorks Animation characters would add a level of authenticity that appealed to fans, and that expanding content to include older and established films would engender a sense of nostalgia with fans. The authenticity would strengthen the Brand-Consumer relationship, leading to higher levels of engagement, while the nostalgia would help drive awareness, consumption, and sales of back catalog titles.


In 10 months, the collaboration between Magnet Media and DreamWorks Animation led to 77.4% increase in Likes and Followers, with the total across their social media accounts reaching more than 59 million people. That number continues to grow. More impressively, DreamWorks Animation has been able to consistently outperform Disney Pixar and Disney Movies week after week in terms of fan engagement. The engagement ratio increased to over 3% in those same 10 months, doubling the engagement ratio of Disney Pixar. These numbers are especially remarkable considering DreamWorks Animation’s dominance carried through the release of Disney Pixar’s Brave.