Get American Businesses Online Customer Stories


In 2011, Google launched Get American Businesses Online, is a coalition of community leaders, nonprofits, government agencies and private corporations whose aim is to help U.S. companies harness web technology to compete and thrive in the 21st century. Google was looking to raise awareness of the program, which partners with web-building platform provider Intuit to help the small and medium-sized businesses that are vital to America’s economic future move online.

As part of the effort, Google sought to showcase small businesses around the US that were succeeding online. Google hired Magnet Media to produce a series of more than 70 micro-documentaries featuring SMB owners in 15 states across the country.


Between July and December, Magnet Media was responsible for casting, scheduling, producing and editing videos in Texas, Vermont, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Iowa, Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin, Utah, Michigan, Connecticut, Oklahoma, New York, and West Virginia. Magnet Media completed an average of five videos per state, sometimes turning around nearly a dozen in one month.

In all but three of these states, Magnet Media also covered several Get American Business Online events hosted by Google and Intuit, and produced sizzle reels that could show a wider audience the value of the program.


Google was so pleased with the first round of videos in 2011 that the project extended through 2012. Magnet Media and Google continue an ongoing partnership to produce videos, photography, and Hangouts for the Google’s larger Get Your Business online initiative.

Part of this included another micro-documentary series featuring Spanish-speaking SMB owners. These videos were used to support the launch of the Spanish version of the GYBO, and are still featured on the homepage.

Magnet Media also produced some Google Hangouts on Air with experts at Google to reach out to a wider audience and answer some frequently answered questions.

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