Power BI: Strategy, Live-Action Video Production, & Social Media Content


Microsoft needed to get the word out about its Power BI for Excel data visualization software, which is built into its larger Office 365 offering.


Resulting from a strategic research phase, Magnet developed a suite of content recommendations for Microsoft, focused largely on video. The team analyzed Power BI’s target audience, including its collective business-related challenges and needs, leading to the creation of an integrated campaign with the branded concept, “Express Your Cells” — a light-hearted look at the cell itself, the smallest unit of data. The bulk of the campaign is a series of three interconnected videos showcasing how Power BI efficiently and beautifully meets the needs of data professionals.

Additionally, Magnet partnered with multiple media agencies (including Razorfish and SMG), to create social media content around the video campaign, like copy, unique images, animated GIFs, and banners for distribution and advertising.


These three videos live on Microsoft’s Power BI website and on the Microsoft Server and Cloud YouTube channel, and continue to creatively explain the software to customers on a recurring basis.

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