Xactly Corp

Micro-Documentary Video Production


As Xactly geared up to host its annual CompCloud event in San Francisco, it needed a video to help introduce headlining speaker Maria Shriver. The event’s 2014 theme was Inspire Interact Inform, and Shriver was slated to speak on the first pillar of that trio — inspiration. Xactly envisioned a video that would not only help prepare the audience for Shriver, but would also help explain what motivates professionals and creatives to accomplish great work, tapping into what really inspires them.


Magnet created a micro-documentary-style video for CompCloud 2014, which helped answer the question: “What motivates you to do great work?” It featured three professionals — a dancer, an illustrator, and an IT director — each motivated by different, often personal factors. The video is cinematic by design, beautifully shot and edited to inspire viewers to think about their own motivations and goals, and to raise the perception of the Xactly product and brand simultaneously.


Within one month’s time, Magnet produced and delivered a video that successfully introduced Maria Shriver, ushering her into a speech on the importance of finding what motivates you in order to achieve goals and success in career and life. Xactly was pleased with the video, as it met the desired look, feel, and motivational goals for the event and speech.

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