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YouTube: TED Ads Worth Spreading 2012

Magnet Media partnered with YouTube and TED for the second year in a row to produce a series of video interviews with leaders from the advertising world who were honored in the TED “Ads Worth Spreading” contest.


After working with YouTube on its Show & Tell series and the 2011 TED “Ads Worth Spreading” contest, Magnet Media was invited back to capture conversations with the advertising giants and innovators who were in attendance for the 2012 conference.


The Magnet team recreated the sleek style created for the 2011 series of video interviews. Ten interview videos and a highlights reel were shot and edited in short order for use at the TED Ads Worth Spreading New York event.


The partnership was a continuation and expansion on the previous year’s work, and the final videos received a positive response from YouTube and TED.