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Audiences consume more content today than ever before — and that presents enormous opportunity for brands and creators who are bold and willing to produce it consistently. But with so much content out there, how can brands ensure theirs stands out and reaches the right audience in a measurable way? That level of precision requires an end-to-end strategic solution.

Magnet Media calls that Think. Make. Reach.™ We bake TMR it into all of our client relationships; relationships that are built on 14 years of experience creating smart content for top brands.


Utilizing best practice methods and a 4-step approach, we rapidly deliver you insightful answers to your questions about the value of content marketing and the impact it can have on your business.

Video Production

Tell your brand story through digital video that engages your target audience with content they’ll seek out and share. We offer a full suite of production and post-production services — everything from handling full creative and execution to complementing your own capabilities.

Video Optimization

Anyone can upload a video. The challenge (and it’s a tough one) is to get yours discovered and viewed by the right audience. We craft customized distribution plans that start with in-depth audience targeting to ensure your ROI rises alongside your view count. Our video optimization and distribution experts drive engagement by targeting your audience and delivering content that turns into qualified views and new business for you.


Engage your audience and build brand loyalty through the development and production of original, high-quality digital video series with built-in distribution.

Studio Rental

Our state-of-the-art, midtown Manhattan production studio is fully-equipped and can be rented out on a standalone basis or can come complete with full crew and equipment.