• What Does It Feel Like to Rule the Seven Kingdoms?

    The Game of Thrones TV phenomenon is not only gluing fans to their couches on Sunday nights, but is also creating a powerful online buzz. Between the large TV audiences, social media buzz, and passionate fans, Magnet Media saw a huge opportunity for Google Fiber TV.

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  • Magnet Labs Podcast No. 36: Who Owns that Selfie?, Amazon Prime Price Hike, and the 1st Cellphone

    On episode no. 36, we discussed digital and social news highlights from the week. We began with a development to a previously discussed topic: that widespread, star-studded Oscars selfie. In an interesting twist this week (or at least, it was a surprise to us), it was reported that whoever takes the photo owns the photo, […]

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  • Magnet Labs Podcast No. 31: Vine’s Anniversary, Prankvertising, Twitter, Phablets, and More

    We’re on a podcasting roll, back to our desired weekly recording schedule. On this week’s episode No. 31, Brandan Jones (Social Media Manager), Ryan Swearingen (Director of Marketing), and myself (Managing Editor, Content) got together to talk about some of the most interesting digital and social media topics of the week. We started off with […]

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