Our Types of Services


Work with Magnet Media to apply a thoughtful, data-driven approach to content objectives, audience composition and user behavior. Immerse your creative thinking using our "audience-first" approach and watch your content marketing results soar.


Video Production

The educated guesswork that supported television advertising in the 20th Century is being surpassed by web video targeting with a precision that is almost surgical in comparison. Magnet’s producers are talented cinematic storytellers, but we go beyond that in designing engagement and distribution plans that ensure your video is seen and shared.


Social Media & Interactive

The biggest challenge for social media marketing today is keeping content fresh while analyzing metrics and optimizing your approach. Using proven solutions, the latest tools, and our own expert methods, we’ll help you acquire, engage, and inspire customers to share and take action.


Video Optimization

Anyone can upload video. The challenge is to get it discovered and viewed by the right audience who chooses to actively engage with it and your brand. Magnet's video optimization and distribution experts will drive engagement by targeting the right audience to deliver targeted and qualified views, crafting a customized distribution plan that starts with an in-depth audience targeting report to ensure your ROI rises along with your view count.