• Making The Case: Why Emotional Storytelling in B2B Marketing is Fundamental For Success

    We often refer to and define businesses as ‘B2B’ or ‘B2C’. While these terms help us to differentiate between respective product and services offerings, they have also siloed marketers’ approaches to communicate with consumers. B2C brands tend to be more willing to be playful and provocative in their communication, while B2B marketers often find it difficult to strike a balance between being informative, innovative, and all the while inspiring. The truth is, regardless of the category a business falls under, their target audiences all share a collective, fundamental truth: they’re all human.

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  • #BehindTheScreens at Magnet Media: A Front Seat with SeatGeek

      Switching the View to Our Behind-the-Scenes Crew   I’m Hunter, an Associate Producer here at Magnet Media, most recently working with our client, SeatGeek. This project was a great new opportunity for us to dive into producing content specifically for broadcast and opened new challenges as you take a digital-focused production flow and adapt […]

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