We recently produced a new original, animated series for National Geographic Kids’ digital properties. Called 50 Birds, 50 States, the series was just named a finalist in the Cynopsis Kids !magination Awards in the category of Interstitial Series.

This fun, energetic series follows Barry the Bald Eagle, America’s national bird, as he soars from coast to coast, visiting each state and meeting the state birds. Each episode is an informative, animated rap music video focused on the state’s history, its biggest cities, landmarks, and geographical areas of interest. It’s a high-flying guided tour jam-packed with fun facts and information – and filled with catchy music that’ll have kids and parents watching, sharing, and singing along.

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“A rapping bald eagle and his rapping state bird pals are fun and surprising tour guides in an exciting whirlwind U.S. geography lesson,” said Jennifer Emmett, National Geographic’s Vice President of Content, Education & Children’s Media. “Kids will love flying — and singing — along.”

The initial 18 episodes of the series will be available on the National Geographic Kids website throughout the summer. The first episode, “The State of New York,” debuted on the National Geographic Kids website on June 16th, followed by California and Louisiana.

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Oklahoma launches tomorrow and new episodes will continue to go live every week. Additionally, episodes will be available for viewing on National Geographic Kids’ channels on Roku and Rovio’s ToonsTV in the fall.

“We’ve been thrilled with this opportunity to create something new, innovative, and creative. I’m incredibly proud of it,” said Megan Cunningham, Magnet Media CEO. “It’s something that people of all ages can really enjoy and learn from, and it gives me a special kind of joy to watch it alongside my son and have him love every adventure Barry goes on.”

This new series bolsters National Geographic Kids’ already impressive collection of original series online, including another we produced for them called Nat Geo Kids on YouTube.

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