At Magnet Media, we embrace the opportunity to expose our clients to the newest, most innovative products and trends in the digital and tech space. On March 22, we hosted this years first quarterly executive dinner, themed ‘Attention via Experience’. More than forty clients, friends, and guests attended the ultimate dinner ‘experience’, and with ubiquitous excitement, explored the world of Virtual Reality.

In collaboration with our partners at Jaunt and Swerve, two leaders in VR content creation and distribution, we provided our guests with two unique and interactive VR experiences, equipped with VR goggles and headphones for maximum effect. Guests found the activation exciting and engaging, all of whom tried it once, if not twice.

Representatives of companies spanning across all industries were in attendance, intermixed amongst tables, discussing provocative thought-starting questions provided by the Magnet team. The event gave guests the opportunity to be intra-industry social and technologically curious. We were encouraged by the level of engagement and interest the activities and dinner provoked. Keeping our guests aware of what new developments are riding on the frontier of technological developments was the focus of this quarters dinner, and we couldn’t have been more proud of the receptive nature of all who attended.


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