Experts from Adidas, Carbon to share successful strategies and Magnet Media to unveil “The State of the Story” annual trends report

(Austin, TX) – March 7, 2019 – Austin’s SXSW festival is just days away, and while many badge-holders are scrolling through list of bands playing pop-up shows in downtown bars and companies throwing lavish “activation” parties, marketers are signing up by the hundreds for a different kind of performance: “The State of the Story: How Carbon Won ‘The Big Game’.”

The presentation is a collaboration between Carbon CMO Dara Treseder, Adidas Head of Sport Science Paul Francis and Magnet Media CEO Megan Cunningham. Treseder (who took over leading marketing efforts at Carbon after work at GE, Apple and Goldman) will share strategies from how she is taking a B2B tech brand mainstream and putting it at the vanguard of the digital manufacturing revolution. Meanwhile, Francis will discuss Adidas’ unique use of athlete data and to drive innovation. And Cunningham will unveil their highly anticipated The State of the Story 2019 trends report, showcasing how the right story can produce measurable results, even when competition is at its most fierce. The group’s panel already has over 1000 “favorites” from festival-goers who have signed up to follow its progress leading up to the event’s first weekend on March 9, making it one of the most popular presentations at the festival.

“Our story needs to make audiences aware that products powered by Carbon are better,” Treseder said. As Carbon’s first CMO, at age 30, Treseder added that her main focus is in “building education and awareness around what Carbon is and what it can do, using proprietary technology to make products faster, better, more economical, and more sustainable.”

“People love to learn from a success story that beats the odds, and that’s what our work with Carbon at The Big Game demonstrates,” says Magnet Media CEO Megan Cunningham. “The power of a well-told story distributed in a strategic way can change minds and overturn industries; and the playbook is being written today by data-driven leaders, like Dara.”

That playbook will be (partially) revealed to the SXSW audience, as Cunningham will use the platform to publicly launch Magnet Media’s global trends report, The State of the Story 2019. The report shares insights from CMOs and the latest leading research providers, and is a treasure trove of today’s marketing trends. with contributions from experts at brands like Lyft, Brandless, The New York Times, OpenDoor, Olly, SoulCycle, and Walmart. Following the SXSW launch, The State of the Story 2019 will be available for private sessions and downloads at

“We hear and we craft stories about how other industries are being disrupted, but the Story industry is in a constant state of disruption,” says Cunningham. “There will always be a novel way to share a powerful story with an audience. The key for marketers is to understand those methods and when to use them to reach and engage their target in measurable ways.”

“The State of the Story: How Carbon Won ‘The Big Game’” will take place during SXSW’s opening weekend on March 9 from 5-6pm at the Fairmont Hotel in Austin. More information is available on the event’s official SXSW schedule page.


Cunningham, Treseder and Francis will be available for interviews by appointment. Please contact Craig Lubman at or 631-767-1913 to schedule time with Adidas, Carbon or Magnet Media

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