On the third installment of The Strategic Marketer, our interview series featuring financial services expert and best-selling author Farnoosh Torabi, we tackle the topic of financial content and the importance of reaching consumers with information they need about managing money.

What are the best ways to get their attention? Contently recently released a free e-book on the topic, called State of Finance Content Marketing: The Trends That Will Transform Financial Content in 2015, which takes a look at industry trends as of now and makes predictions for the near future.

In the e-book, it says: “In many ways, the financial services industry is among the leaders in the new brand publishing frontier. That’s partly because financial services companies have a built-in content advantage. They’re experts in something that people care a lot about: growing their wealth.  And though these brands face unique regulatory and compliance challenges, they’re still managing to create innovative content, reach new audiences, and grow their brands.”

Contently goes on to provide great examples of how financial services companies large and small are working to create and deliver creative, effective content to their bases. Capital One started a microsite called I Am Small Business Proud, on which it features stories about small business owners across the United States, while the much-smaller UK-based wealth management company Nutmeg regularly outputs informative financial content on its blog and YouTube channel.

Watch our video below to hear what Farnoosh has to say on the topic – and to hear how she connects with her own financially-focused audience through content.


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