Science labs for puppets, holiday sing-a-longs, branded beer Vines — it’s been a busy year in our in-office studio. We moved to our current location nearly two years ago now. Time’s passed quickly and has been filled with a variety of video projects we’re proud of — many of which were shot right here in studio.

Within the past year, specifically, a few of those projects stand out as ones we’re especially fond of. The Norton Zone puppet series is one such project: a three-part live action series that was exciting and enjoyable based on the sheer abnormality of it. It’s not every day we work with puppets and have professional puppeteers performing their unique artistry live in the office. Senior producer/director John Santora had the reigns on this project and created something both fun and informative.


The Food Buzz YouTube series was filmed here in the studio for PBS Digital Studios, and was another fun one to make because…who doesn’t love learning about and seeing beautiful shots of delicious food? Each episode highlighted a different food item and went into deep detail about its origins and history. On the episode featured below, host Chris Hesault guides us through the history of the waffle, leaving the viewer full of fascinating information, along with a deep, all-consuming craving for a pile of waffles.


Weight Watchers recently took over our office on a cold December day, filling it with the sights and sounds of holiday cheer. A team of carolers sang traditional Christmas songs with untraditional lyrics to reflect the all-too-relateable habit of overdoing it on the sweets and fats during the holidays. Watch one of the videos below, featuring Weight Watchers spokeswoman and former SNL star Ana Gasteyer.


As this year’s Super Bowl approaches, we think back fondly to this Vine video, created for Budweiser on a tight deadline ahead of last year’s big game. It’s only 6 seconds long, but packs a powerful and important message.

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