Leading up to our NewCo NY content session tomorrow afternoon, the hot topic around the office is how data and analytics can and should inform the creative storytelling process. This goes hand-in-hand with the infographic below, which breaks down the modern marketer, detailing how he or she needs to be part artist, part scientist in order to engage audiences. It takes a calculated blend of the two to succeed in today’s digitally focused marketplace.

For every well-written and/or beautifully designed piece of content created by the marketer, there also needs to be a heavy dose of performance tracking and analytics analysis. It’s not enough to let the creative side dominate everything, or conversely, to let numbers control creative entirely. Instead, it’s a blend, a mix, a smothering of the two together, after which the outcomes turns into a desired, informative piece of marketing content that reaches the audience and makes a lasting impact.


This infographic by Matt Wesson – a Marketing Content Specialist at Pardot – originally appeared at http://blogs.salesforce.com

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