Are you a Simpsons fan? If you can’t get enough Bart, Homer, and Marge on American TV’s longest running program, you’ll enjoy this week’s Magnet Labs Podcast, on which we discuss FXX’s acquisition of the show’s off-network rights and the incredible online distribution plan in motion for this massive content collection.

“The Simpsons won’t be making a quiet entrance on FXX. After last year’s landmark deal to get the off-network rights to air the Fox cartoon, and its 552-episode catalog, the cable network has invested in an elaborate online library for the series — tied in to its own streamer, FXNow,” writes The Hollywood Reporter.

Also, before I get too far into this, it should certainly be noted that this week’s podcast (and those to come) has a new cast. We welcome Magnet team members RJ Cupelli (who’s been a guest on a couple previous podcasts) and Shannon Peterson to the crew! They’ll join Ryan Swearingen and myself each week for lively discussions of the latest in digital and social news over morning coffees.

The four of us also discussed Facebook’s new effort to woo influencers and celebrities with the release of “Mentions”, a “new app exclusively for the famous, verified, and heavily-followed. The app prevents hacking, highlights fellow influencer mentions, and helps encourage celebs to interact more with their fans through Facebook,” according to NewsCred. This certainly seems like a play to compete with Twitter, which leads the charge in celebrity presence and interaction on social media.

We then talked about Airbnb’s recent re-branding and the mixed reactions from critics and fans that’s followed. What does the new logo look like to you? What this a good move on Airbnb’s part? Why rebrand now?

new logo


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