Pardon the Podcast delay, loyal (or perhaps, brand new) listeners! We’re back in action today with two episodes to make up for the time lost. Because it’s a double feature, we cover an even wider variety of topics than usual.

During episode 38, we talk about Google Glass’s availability for public purchase (for one day only!), Facebook’s discontinuation of its native chat feature, and selfie etiquette is tragic circumstances. Much to our delight, Magnet’s Director of Production Davina Gazo made her podcast debut on this episode, and we were once again joined by one of our favorite guests, Senior Marketing & Analytics Manager Ramon Cruz.


As for the more recent episode 39, we talk about the recent NYPD Twitter fail, when prankvertising goes “too far”, and the new Twitter profiles, which look an awful lot like Facebook profiles – why is that? We discuss.


This week’s top viral video was the hilarious “What is a photocopier?” from the New York Times’ series “Verbatim.” It’s worth the 7 minutes. Enjoy!


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