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We recorded this week’s podcast in the morning, so it was sponsored by a variety of coffees instead of the usual short list of beers. We started our day with caffeine and discussion on the latest in social and digital news around the web.

First, a TechCrunch piece called Foursquare’s Swarm and the Rise of the Invisible App. Swarm is a new location-based app from Foursquare that allows you to see if your friends are nearby. How does this type of “invisible” app — the type working for us even when we’re not actively pursuing it — compare to previous types of apps that required more hands-on involvement? Will people want/use this type of technology?

We then talked about McDonald’s recent, strange advertising choice, and watched and discussed an interview with Mark Zuckerberg from 2004, when Facebook was still called The Facebook, and when international reach and millions of users was but a distant dream. Take a look here:



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Each week, the Magnet Labs team, which includes members from our editorial and social departments — Ryan Swearingen (Director of Marketing), Brandan Jones (Social Media Manager), and Emily Wilson (Senior Content Editor) — gathers to discuss the latest digital and social media news.