Meet Magnet Media’s newest Director of Business Development, Carolyn Strand, comes to us from a role as VP of Content Marketing at McMURRY/TMG. She’ll work with our SVP of Business Development Danielle Dardashti, and our other Business Development Director Rachel Steinberg, to help lead our growing BD team in meeting the expanding video-centric marketing needs of current and future clients.

We took a few minutes with Carolyn, to ask about her experience and content marketing vision. Read what she had to say below.

What were you doing prior to joining Magnet Media?

I worked for a content marketing agency called McMURRY/TMG for the past 13 years. In the beginning of my time there, the company was a custom publisher of print magazines and newsletters and evolved into digital content over time. I sold to many different types of companies but specialized in financial services, insurance, healthcare, and luxury markets.

In your professional opinion, how vital is a sound strategy when a company is creating content?

It’s so critical. Without a sound strategy, it’s not worth spending money on producing content. It never ceases to amaze me how companies jump on the bandwagon of the latest marketing fad and smart people lose their minds in the process. As a good partner, we sometimes have to remind clients/prospects that the same rules of targeting, measurement, creativity, branding, and ROI apply to ALL outreach. Spending a lot of money to say you’ve done something — and getting low or no ROI — isn’t setting anyone up for success.

You wrote the following on your LinkedIn profile. “As a front-line innovator in the content marketing space, there are two critical ingredients to delivering success for clients. First, always focusing on clients’ real-world business objectives. Second, being staunchly media and channel agnostic, which allows for evolving media preferences – without being beholden to any one medium or approach.”

What are those real-world business objectives, most of the time? And why is it so important to be open to evolving media landscapes? 

How companies market themselves has changed tremendously over the past decade, but the basic goals they are trying to achieve have not. Brand awareness, customer retention/growing wallet share with existing customers, and new customer acquisition are at the heart of most marketing efforts.

Marketing used to be less complex. In the old days, you could choose between TV, radio, print, and outdoor. It’d be difficult to briefly list all the choices available to marketers today. Keeping current on what’s available for the strategic mix is critical to success. I explain it this way — marketing is a lot like medicine. If you have a heart problem, you see a cardiologist — a specialist — for deep knowledge and expertise. Though a cardiologist knows everything there is to know about the heart, they must also know about all other disease states that can influence the outcome of a procedure. As a video content specialist, we must be able to understand, drive integration, and work with other specialists to deliver maximum overall benefit for the client.

What appeals to you/excites you about your new position here at Magnet?

I love that the company has such a smart approach to being a specialist. There are a lot of companies that try to push their services without any of the “Think” part. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to being a leader in strategic video content marketing. We will do amazing things for our clients and their audiences!

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