Sponsored by The Wall Street Journal and Twitter, the 2015 Marketers that Matter Awards Gala will aim to answer the question: who is defining the new frontier of marketing? After the ongoing application process, open through January 23rd, a panel of judges will determine award-worthy marketing leaders, highlighting executives and teams who created important, influential programs with proven results throughout the year.

“Marketing has never seen a transformation like this, in probably half a century,” said Cara France, Founder of Marketers That Matter. “While what you need to do hasn’t changed — you still need to drive revenue, create a distinct brand, engage your customers — how you do that is completely different now. It’s a very exciting time to be in marketing. and at the same time, it’s incredibly complex because of this transformation.”

The judges and council members (including CEOs, CMOs, and VPs of Marketing from companies like LinkedIn, Sephora, Visa, Airbnb, GoPro, and more) will carefully consider each applicant, weighing the accomplishments and challenges overcome, leading up to the big night on May 7th in San Francisco. In partnership with Wall Street Journal and Twitter, the gala will honor winners in the following categories:

  • Bay Area:
    B2C Marketing
    B2B Marketing
    Brand Building
    Customer Experience
    Digital Innovation
    Revenue Growth
  • National:
    Leveraging Bay Area Technology

Companies large and small are encouraged to apply by the deadline, with the guarantee that an MTM award provides recognition for hard-working leaders and teams, connections with the growing MTM community, and the ability to highlight their influential, important work. (See who won last year, for reference.)

“What’s exciting to me about these awards is that we can pull together a community of people who are on the forefront, who are figuring this out, who are creating success — and we can really learn from that in a way that will help elevate marketing everywhere,” said France.

We’re excited to be MTM’s exclusive video content provider, and will be capturing the finalists’ inspirational stories to be featured at the MTM Awards Gala and the inaugural MTM Summit in Spring 2015. 

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