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Microsoft bought Mojang, the company responsible for the uber-popular world-building game Minecraft, this week for a whopping $2.5 million. The game appeals to all ages and is one of the most successful on the market, so it stands to reason Microsoft bought it in order to put a stake in the ground with this growing gaming audience.

We also talk about Apple’s recent “gift” — a free U2 album placed directly into your iTunes account. Apparently, a lot of people didn’t want it, and now Apple is offering a way to give it back. And while we’re on the topic of Apple…Samsung has a couple of pretty funny commercials out right now, acting as a response to the new iPhone’s larger screen. See one below:

Additionally, we talk about a recent article in Ad Age, which detailed Kraft Food’s announcement that its content earned 4x better return on investment than its even targeted ads. It gives insight into Kraft’s very successful content marketing approach — and we chat about what it all means for digital content and paid advertising.

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