College-educated Millennials graduated into a stormy marketplace, brimming with recession side effects like minimal job prospects and hefty amounts of debt. In our new video series, The Strategic Marketer, we talk with financial services expert and best-selling author Farnoosh Torabi, about what these young professionals face and how they can start to overcome the challenging financial hurdles getting in the way of their goals.

We’re especially interested in this topic at Magnet as it pertains to video. As financial trends — like the ones you’ll hear about below — emerge, financial services brands are advised to address them through video in an effort to reach an increasingly digital, mobile, video-centric audience. As an example, TIAA-CREF recently unveiled a microsite called Starting Your Financial Life, geared toward Millennials unsure of what to do with their money, and unsure of how to start climbing out of piled-up debt. The site is filled with tips and advice and videos that reach out to Millennials and directly address their struggles head-on.

Check out the episode below; the first in a three-part segment with Farnoosh. The second takes a look at Women and Finance (an area of heavy interest to our interviewee), and the third dives into a discussion on how creative digital content can reach audiences in need of financial information. Each episode will feature an accompanying infographic complete with all statistics mentioned in the episode (like below).




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