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According to the Social Media Benchmarking Report from B2B Marketing, “compared to last year, B2B marketers around the world…are focusing their social media efforts more on generating leads and sales and less so on driving traffic and strengthening thought leadership,” reports Marketing Charts. The study asked respondents to rate the effectiveness of a variety of types of social media posts and found that branding and positioning remain the top social objectives for B2B marketers.

Marketing Charts goes on to report that “respondents were most likely to tab videos as their most effective, with 55% deeming them very effective and an additional 37% rating them somewhat effective. Photos weren’t far behind, rated very effective by 47% and somewhat effective by another 42%. That’s despite several studies indicating that brands get more engagement from images on Facebook than videos.”

Of course, we agree that video is an increasingly vital part of any strategic marketing plan (and agree that sharing said videos on social media is an important part of outreach and engagement), so we’re thrilled to see that the results of this study correlate with our understanding of — and practice within — the ever-evolving industry.

Additionally, it looks as though the most unifying challenge amongst these marketings is proving ROI, even as 14% of them acknowledge social media as “critical” and another 48% regard it as “important.” See below B2B Marketing’s infographic to accompany the study, which helps to quickly and visually digest the results.

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