As a first timer at SxSW I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I arrived in Austin. Surprisingly enough, I found a lot of very well-respected innovators in both the digital media and tech industries addressing the same concerns many brands and media companies are experiencing today.

At most panels I attended and conversations I had with peers, it seemed as if multi-platform content distribution was the overarching topic of discussion; more specifically, Snapchat was on everyone’s mind. The fact that there is a platform out there that is delivering 8 billion video views a day and is almost exclusively reaching generation z and y is game-changing for the digital media industry.

The real question now is: How can brands tap into this vast network in a non-intrusive way that will not irate Snapchat’s core user base?

Though there may be many answers to this, the first step in my opinion is to not try and alter the way people view content on Snapchat, or any social platform for that matter. Content creators – be it brands, media companies or influencers, need to adapt. Best practices, such as being ‘always on’, shooting in vertical, filming in 10-second increments, including text on screen, and being comfortable throwing traditional production standards to the wind are crucial to engage audiences on these disruptive platforms.

Frank Cooper, CMO of Buzzfeed, speaking at a panel at SXSW

Frank Cooper, CMO of Buzzfeed, speaking at a panel at SXSW

After listening to numerous CMO’s, Founders, influencers and top-executives from companies such as Mashable, BuzzFeed, FullScreen and Google, and YouTube, it’s very clear that different social platforms have different necessary content-optimization practices, which are crucial to producing engaging video. It is now evident that content creators are beginning to grasp the understanding that any asset, which will live on platforms other than television or their O&O, such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, and Facebook, must be conceptualized in a different fashion. No longer is it acceptable, or efficient, to create a video for YouTube, and then adapt it for Facebook in post-production or put a screenshot or 7 second snippet on Instagram. To properly and effectively serve the endemic audiences frequenting these platforms, each asset or variation of the video should be taken into account in the conceptualization and pre-production process. This assures that no potential-viewership is left on the table, and you are putting your content in the best position to be viewed and shared as an effective piece of material, regardless of your KPI.

Magnet Media has adapted these practices over the last several quarters and it is very refreshing to see the brightest minds in the content marketing and digital media world on the same page. So in conclusion, next time you’re looking to make engaging and effective video content with a production studio, be sure to address social from the get-go, and put yourself in the best position to tap into a universe, which holds the attention of billions of eyeballs on a daily basis.

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