The Game of Thrones TV phenomenon is not only gluing fans to their couches on Sunday nights, but is also creating a powerful online buzz. Between the large TV audiences, social media buzz, and passionate fans, Magnet Media saw a huge opportunity for Google Fiber TV. At the Fiber Space in Austin, Texas, fans were amazed to see the real Iron Throne, and eager to get in line for a chance to take that instagram-worthy shot. Much like the show, the day took an unexpected turn when fans found themselves in a traditional Game of Thrones crowning ceremony, where a lucky few were crowned as Kings and Queens of the Seven Kingdoms.

Out of all social media platforms, Twitter has had the strongest social buzz from the GoT fans, logging over 400,000 event-based tweets, to an audience of about 5.1 million for last year’s finale. In 2014, Game of Thrones reached 6.6 million viewers for the premiere of season four. Since then views have only increased, during the season five finale Game of Thrones reached their largest audience yet, clocking in at an incredible 8.11 million viewers.