Matthew Sussberg

Matthew recently joined Magnet Media as the Executive Vice President of Sales and Head of Growth. Prior to his new position on the Magnet team, Matthew worked in various positions across a number of esteemed editorial publications including the Huffington Post and Matthew has also served at the Digital Advertising Manager at Wenner Media and the Chief Revenue Officer at Observer Media. Matthew enjoyed his undergraduate years at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he majored in Political Science and revelled his new found love of cheese. Lucky for us, post-graduation Matthew decided to change courses from becoming a lawyer to being a connoisseur in digital strategy and marketing.

When Matthew isn’t working, he can be found taking it easy with his two sons and his wife in their home in Westchester, New York. Matthew enjoys sports, barbeques, and all the bourbon that comes with it! We’re stoked to have Matthew join the Magnet team, spearheading sales strategies, scaling growth, and being a gregarious presence and digital phenom.


Michelle Cast

From boutique Production and Post-Production houses, to running the studio at Condé Nast Entertainment, Michelle is thrilled to take her experience and leadership to the next level as Director of Production for Magnet’s talented content creation team!  Michelle began her journey as a young girl in love with all things film & theater, which lead her to pursue a degree in Film Studies & Production at Hofstra University and eventually, Hunter College. Since her college days, she has been utilizing her personality as a leader and her obsession with organization to grow her career within Studio and Production Management.  From planning and scheduling throughout pre and post-production, to crew, budget and finance management, Michelle has experience with each aspect of Production in all types of projects from small to large scale.

Outside of work, Michelle can be found pursuing her other passion for comedy and performance through studying Improv at both The PIT and UCB Theater in NYC.  Additionally, having been on a health and fitness journey since 2008, Michelle also dedicates her time to living a healthy lifestyle and since taking up running in 2015, has run 14 half and 3 full marathons (& counting)!  A born and bred New Yorker with a love for, theater, film, music, books, sunshine, fitness and a severe coffee addiction, Michelle credits the support of her incredible family and friends for the success and happiness she experiences on a daily basis.  Michelle believes the sky’s the limit and can’t wait to see what’s in store next as a member of the Magnet Media team!


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