ColdFusion 10 Launch Videos


Adobe ColdFusion’s product marketing team partnered with Magnet Media for their 2012 ColdFusion 10 product launch. Their key challenge was assuring current customers and new prospects that the product, originally launched in 1995, was still relevant and critical to the development of today’s enterprise applications, particularly in light of ongoing changes in online development, such as HTML5. Adobe was looking wanted to produce a suite of videos that would appeal to developers that use the product every day, non-technical business executives who would invest in upgrades, and end users who would need to understand the value proposition of a complicated technology.


Magnet Media conducted multiple interviews with the Adobe ColdFusion product team, customers, and partners at a number of different locations. On a very short time line and with limited budgets, Magnet Media orchestrated and executed two beautiful videos that were used as the centerpiece for their digital marketing efforts.


The Adobe ColdFusion product team was thrilled with the results of the videos and expects this ColdFusion launch to be their most successful ever.

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