Volume Licensing Program Videos


Adobe approached Magnet Media with a request to produce a suite of videos focusing on three core areas of their volume licensing programs: the program itself as a whole, their Enterprise Agreement 2 program, and their Cumulative Licensing program. The volume licensing programs are one of the main drivers of revenue for Adobe, so this was a very key area of importance to them. And while the programs are oriented around specific products like the Creative Suite and Adobe Acrobat, the programs themselves are abstract concepts, and are therefore somewhat difficult to capture visually.


The Magnet team traveled to Adobe’s San José facility and interviewed Katie Hingle and Suresh Sivaprakasam, who lead the Volume Licensing team at Adobe. Suresh and Katie’s interviews provided clear insight into the program, as well as the unique features of the new Enterprise Level Agreement program (EA2), their Cumulative Licensing programs, the differences between the two, and the businesses that would be best served by the different programs. Magnet also gathered b-roll footage from various types of businesses that use Adobe products, such as ad agencies, city and local governments, universities, and corporations, and incorporated elements of their stories into the edits. We produced three videos, one for each program, and one covering the volume licensing programs as a whole. All three videos currently live on the Adobe website on their Volume Licensing page.


Adobe was very pleased to have these videos up on, as they are indispensable tools for their sales team to provide information about the programs to prospective buyers quickly and easily, and they provide a simple and clear introduction to a complex subject. Prior to having these online videos, the team had to make do with dense, text-heavy web pages and PDF documents to make the case for their products. The videos now provide a clear advantage over their old methods of communication to their prospects and channel partners. Putting a human face to their volume licensing program, and explaining it in clear and simple terms, has been of tremendous value to the team, and will undoubtedly continue to be so going forward.

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