Associated Press

Olympics Brand Video


Associated Press wanted a video that would kick off a speech by Tom Curley, the President and CEO of AP. The video would introduce some of the major themes of his speech, which outlined how traditional news media and sports authorities could maximize the opportunities presented by a multi-billion dollar global sports boom.


Magnet selected photography and video from the AP archive to show how AP’s coverage of sports reaches a truly global audience. Captions show statistics on the amount of the world’s population that watch sports, the amount of money involved in the business of sports, and how social media and mobile technology will contribute to making the London Olympics a bigger market than any sporting event before it. The video communicates that “the world will be watching” the big game.


The AP had high praise for the video, noting that it “was met with applause by anyone who saw it,” and “kicked off Tom’s speech and IOC meetings perfectly.” The video was posted to the homepage of AP’s website, and has earned about 600 views on AP’s YouTube page. The AP has elected to continue working with Magnet to produce a suite of videos using the same style and brand.

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