Associated Press

Top 25 Poll Brand Video


The AP ad-sales team needed something to show high-end sponsors like Mercedes-Benz the value of its college sports coverage and the legendary “Top 25” poll, which ranks the best teams in college football and basketball each week. Rather than a simple slide show, AP wanted to open the speech with a video that would connect with the audience on an emotional level.


Magnet pulled some of the most striking images from AP’s archive of college sports coverage. Using a unique animation style, sound effects, music, and quotes about the Top 25 poll’s impact, the still photos became a moving video that captures the drama of the big games, as well as AP’s long history of covering them.


AP has expressed nothing but positive feedback since they picked up the piece, and has agreed to continue partnering with Magnet in producing an ongoing series that shares the same style and brand as this video.

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