Associated Press

Brand Refresh Video


As the AP entered its 160th year, it decided to unite all of its news gathering and digital distribution efforts under a single new visual identity for the 21st century. To do this, they created a new brand identity and logo and were looking to introduce this transition to the public and internal stakeholders in a concise and effective way using video.


Magnet interviewed AP CEO Tom Curley and captured a statement that encapsulated the essence of the AP’s new brand positioning and introduced it to the world. We created a short, compelling video that underscores the mission of the AP, while confirming its commitment to delivering the best news and information available in the digital age.


The AP was pleased with the final video and featured it prominently on its new flagship website homepage. The video serves as the official launch of the AP’s new brand identity and logo, which had not been refreshed since 1981.

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