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The Associated Press approached Magnet Media to produce a compelling and informative video to be presented at the 2011 NewsXchange conference in Cascais Portugal. News Xchange is the largest meeting of news professionals and broadcasting organizations in the world. Sponsors and attendees include all the major News organizations worldwide—BBC, CNN, NBC, Reuters, Al Jazeera, CBS, etc., as well as all of the national broadcasting organizations for individual countries, such as the Canadian broadcasting service, Swiss broadcasting, Germany, France, etc.

The AP wanted to produce a video to provide attendees at the conference with some relevant and salient information about the state of news in 2011, pertinent to the subject matter of the conference, and to position the AP itself as a thought leader at the forefront of news gathering and technology in the modern day.

They wanted to “wow” the audience, and get people talking about the topics of the conference– such as the major stories of the year, the Arab Spring uprisings and the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear disaster, as well as capture aspects of the role of technology and social media both in the making of, and breaking of, major news. Also, they wanted to touch on the increased dangers to journalists in gathering news, as well as portraying some of the pitfalls of the rapid fire, instant access, up-to-the-minute news environment of the “twitter” era. And of course they wanted to look good in the process.


Magnet Media created a short, compelling, high-impact, and visually stunning animated film capturing the thrust of the major news stories of the year that grabs viewers with the visceral impact of the Associated Press’s amazing visuals and doesn’t let go until the final montage of some amazing moments in AP journalism history. Magnet managed to “value add” in this project, by creating something that was informative for the audience, but which also succeeded in positioning the AP brand as a relevant and major player in the contemporary news landscape.


Before the conference was finished, people were tweeting about the video and it became one of the biggest and most talked about features of the conference.

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