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Reimagining a Brand


In an increasingly competitive media landscape, the Associated Press (AP), one of the oldest and most trusted news sources in the world, was looking for new ways to represent its brand. As a “super sponsor” of News Xchange, the world’s largest conference of news professionals and broadcast organizations, the AP wanted a video that would show attendees how the major stories of 2011 changed the world as well as the entire practice of journalism. The video would position the AP as a company at the forefront of understanding and practicing digital journalism.


Magnet Media approached the video as an opportunity to explore and highlight the vast wealth of information and resources that the AP possesses—especially photo and video assets—to create something new and enriching. Combining these elements with visually stunning animation, Magnet Media produced a high-impact short film that spoke to the audience of global broadcasters on an emotional level.

This project led to an ongoing partnership between the AP and Magnet Media to create a series of brand videos to illuminate the various aspects of the AP’s brand. Magnet Media dove into AP’s archive of iconic pictures and videos, and leveraged this rich history to show the value of AP’s services.


The AP has shown these videos to high-level sponsors and media leaders at events around the world. At News Xchange, “The Big Story,” was one of the highlights of the events, with people tweeting about it throughout the conference. It received a standing ovation at South by Southwest, and for a time was shown to new AP employees at their orientation.

According to one managing editor, Magnet Media’s videos have become a sort of mini-brand within the AP thanks to their ability to express all of its services as well as its brand ethos.

AP’s CEO Tom Curley used “The Big Game” video to introduce his speech at the International Olympic Committee conference in Tokyo, Japan. The Olympic Committee even began using the video to reach out to corporate sponsors.

The “Brand Overview” video was shown during the public announcement of the AP’s new CEO, Gary Pruitt, and is now shown to new employees during training as an introduction to the company.


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