From the Ground Up – Brownsville – Case Study


Chase had previously developed a News & Stories landing page where both existing and potential customers could learn how to “power the possible” through a series of articles that applied financial tips within the context of our everyday lives.

Needing a creative way to drive traffic to their page, Chase called on Magnet Media to help tell a story that inspired audiences and showcased a community putting their motto “power the possible” into action.


Gaining attention from Brandon Stanton (Founder/Photographer: Humans Of New York), Ellen Degeneres, and President Obama for one of its community leader’s (Ms. Lopez) dedication to her students; it was decided that the New York City neighborhood, Brownsville, would be the focus of our project.

To make the content as engaging and shareable as possible we created a five-part micro-documentary series highlighting Ms. Lopez and an array of community leaders taking part in the revitalization of Brownsville. Topics covered included anything from new business and entrepreneurial development to the reformation of the justice and education systems.  

For each segment, a three-to-five minute video, as well as a short trailer, was produced by Magnet Media, and an article was written by Chase.


Once the project was finished and the series published on Chase’s News & Stories page, we then syndicated the content across our Native Video Content Network. Doing so allowed us to get the story on the right platforms and in front of the right people.

Resulting in an increase in web traffic to Chase’s News & Stories Page,  high click-through rates, and viewing times impressively close to the full length of the videos, we are excited to say this project was well received amongst the public and we are looking forward to working with Chase on covering more communities “powering the possible”.

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