HIMSS Surgical Theater Video


Comcast invested in a booth at the Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society’s 2012 annual conference in Las Vegas to demonstrate Surgical Theater as a perfect example of Comcast’s broadband Ethernet capabilities and how Comcast is enabling new technologies in the healthcare space. Comcast was looking to capture the excitement that the Surgical Theater demonstration brought to the convention floor and demonstrate its software. The video was designed for use at future conferences to showcase Comcast’s capabilities and technology without the additional cost of setting up a new demonstration.


Magnet Media produced, shot, and edited a short video on the floor of the HIMSS conference in Vegas. We interviewed Comcast staff and conference attendees about the prospects for Surgical Theater and the great service that Comcast is bringing to healthcare information management services.


Comcast was pleased with the final video, and felt that it achieved their goal of explaining the technology, relaying the excitement of the conference, and selling Comcast’s role in the technology and other broadband applications in the healthcare space.

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