Simpana Animation Video


FVM Strategic Communications was looking to highlight CommVault’s Simpana enterprise data and information management software through video in a way that would illustrate its value in a stylish and easy-to-understand format. Inspired by the opening credits from Steven Spielberg’s Catch Me if You Can, the FVM team hoped to capture a similarly approachable and vintage feel that would communicate the sprit of the Simpana software.


Magnet Media worked hand-in-hand with FVM Strategic Communications to craft a visual storyboard that would express the CommVault Simpana value proposition in a slick, stylized animated format filled with motion and energy. Magnet worked closely with an animator to bring to life the abstract concepts of the Simpana software in a fun and accessible format.


CommVault and FVM were universally thrilled with the finished product, posting it to the company’s YouTube channel and immediately setting to work on additional collaborations with Magnet.

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