Designing Minds


Designing Minds was an original web video series that explored design in everyday life. Intimate interviews with luminaries of the design industry were paired with detailed examinations of their work, their process and their philosophy, exposing purposeful design and breathtaking beauty in the objects, art and media of our everyday lives. The series highlighted sponsor Creative Suite (CS), Adobe’s premiere toolset for design professionals.


Throughout the series, Adobe Creative Suite received explicit (adjacent advertising, logo inclusion, video advertisements) and organic (designers verbally discussing CS’s benefits to their work, visual depiction of designers using CS) endorsement.


Designing Minds aired over 50 episodes and garnered over 750,000 views, earning a Webby Award and enthusiastic support from the design community. Adobe renewed their sponsorship of the series multiple times, and it remains a popular source of inspiration and insight to design professionals across the web.

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