Fandango: Comic Con Event Capture


Magnet Media partnered with Fandango at Comic Con San Diego, to build out an event activation plan. The in-person activation was set up with the aim of being a deviation from a standard one on one interview, and getting both celebrity talent and at-home viewers to regard Fandango as the best stop-in interviews at all of Comic Con.


Magnet Media developed a strategy to keep the celebrity talent entertained in the space, and also worked with them to produce entertaining content that can be shared with an at-home audience. In addition to content capture and event planning, we executed a Q&A and livestream via Facebook, for viewers to engage with Fandango and Comic Con as well as making sure the content lived beyond jus the day of the event.


Magnet Media was able to create over 10 social assets to accompany this event capture, all from footage obtained over the course of the event.

  • •  365,000+ YouTube views
  • •  524,000+ Facebook views

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