Fortune 100 Company

Strategy, Video Production, and Editorial Content


A Fortune 100 financial services company wanted to find a way to extend its financial expertise and brand to those who are perhaps in need of it most: millennials. It has been a trusted financial expert and retirement services company for both baby boomers and Gen Xers, but it was time to communicate with and prepare a whole new generation to take control of its financial future.


Magnet Media began with strategy, researching the client’s target audience to gain a deep understanding of its views on Financial Services, as well as an understanding of the types of content and messaging that resonates with millennials.

Magnet then designed and launched a targeted micro-site rich with custom creative content, including animated videos, live-action videos, and editorial blog content. The micro-site featured mobile-first architecture and responsive design elements, allowing it to scale across any browser. Paid advertising support was utilized across social media platforms and high-traffic websites to extend both the message and reach of the financial institution to a broad audience of millennials.

Magnet created, managed, and optimized an eight-week editorial and distribution plan for the micro-site with strategically selected topics — such as budgeting and student loans — that would be instrumental in advising millennials on their financial future. Through paid media partnerships, Magnet Media distributed content and garnered more than 160,000 video views and more than 50 million total impressions.



  • 60% Video Completion Rate (this is 10-15% above norms for online video)
  • On a per video basis, each video has an above average viewer retention rate, compared with other Youtube videos of similar length
  • Gained hundreds of followers and/or “Likes” on Twitter and Facebook
  • Half of unique visits to the site came from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), the other half from desktop computers


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