Logbook Product Video


Glooko wanted a video for its website, and to share via social media, that shows how its product seamlessly fits into customers’ lives, becoming a simple habit that gives greater control over diabetes. Utilizing phones, the one device people always carry, the Glooko Logbook makes it easy for people with diabetes to collect, view, and share the important information about their blood glucose levels with a doctor. Glooko Logbook is the only product with a cable to sync readings from multiple types of glucose meters with the iPhone, creating a log in seconds.


Magnet created a video that communicates Glooko’s emphasis on being a compassionate brand that empowers its customers to take control of their diabetes. The video avoids feeling like a technical, “how-to” video by showing someone using the Glooko Logbook during her everyday routine to log meter readings, meals, activities, and share the log with her doctor.


Glooko was very happy with the final product, and enjoyed working with Magnet on the project. Glooko felt the video told a compelling story that matched its vision, and are excited to share the video on its website and with friends.

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