Google Cloud: Atmosphere


Magnet was tasked with creating a digital experience for their audience which included taking the Google Cloud Security narrative from Customers and Analysts and crafting a compelling story for video.


Magnet produced customer success stories in Arizona and Wyoming along with the accompanying livestream webinars. The video included a mixture of interviews, customer stories, and product demonstrations.

  • •  Average Watch Time: 24 Minutes

  • •  Live View: 1,200

  • •  Current Views: 5,000+

  • •  A successful interactive live Q&A session was brought on by the live stream content.

  • •  Because of the strong relationship we were able to execute on a last-minute customer story shoot in Wyoming- which resulted in an engaging customer story centered on the government sector.

  • •  The show package was so dynamic that it will be used throughout the Security Team’s branding.

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