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Google Fiber: Game of Thrones


The Google Fiber team approached Magnet Media about a new partnership they had developed with HBO regarding the rollout of their joint offerings…the new Game of Thrones season was premiering, and Google Fiber was available in Austin, TX. The campaign objective was to attract local market attention for the combined offerings, positioning Google Fiber as an alternative to premium cable, by shining a light on the access to HBO programming (like GoT) via Google.


The creative strategy included a “Surprise and Delight” approach to local Austin audiences, and select members of the media. The execution included an experiential display of the GoT set design elements and show props, where local residents could come to the Google Fiber space in Austin and sit in the throne. The bonus “Surprise” portion of the experience was that 1 special fan (carefully selected from every 50 visitors) were selected for a special, personalized entertainment: as they sat in the throne, they were adorned in a crown, cape and treated to a spontaneous live concert given in their honor by a world-class team of live musicians who played the GoT theme live before the fans waiting to sit in the throne. The entire experience was arranged and orchestrated by Magnet’s creative team, and captured by Magnet Media’s award-winning multi-camera crew, and editorial team.


Because of the limited regional availability of Google Fiber, the focus of this campaign was on the region where Google was looking to grow its subscriber base:  Austin, TX.  Within that target audience, the campaign was a major success.  Fans waited in line for hours, there was a ground-swell of fan-supported social activations that took place due to the thrill of sitting in the throne, and UGC was created and distributed during the event that had reach for weeks following the activation.  While the team’s funding to support a professional launch with paid PR or social was cut, the rollout of the video surpassed organic-viewership and achieved 1 million+ views online following the launch. It was seen by both Google and HBO as a their best partnership success story.

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