Cognitive Bid Optimization


Marketers rely on big data in order to target the right people at the right time. Between the amount of data collected and the number of moving pieces involved in programmatic advertising, it takes an overwhelmingly powerful program to bring it all together. IBM Watson does just that. Now take an intricate product such as this and throw in tech terminology, it can be almost impossible to explain to an everyday person just what it is you can do for them. Knowing Magnet Media’s expertise in effective storytelling, IBM Watson team came to us looking for content that did just that. The fascinating thing about data is that you can’t really see the story behind it at first glance, much like when you look at a person. And because IBM Watson is in the business of gaining insight on consumers we knew this was the angle we wanted to take.


To do this we developed and produced a live action and animation video that followed around several New Yorkers. The live action showed the actors living out their lives as normal, and the animation displayed the insight IBM Watson could tell you about them such as age, gender, interests, etc. This helped audiences actually visualize the power of IBM’s Cognitive technology.


Ultimately we accomplished IBM’s goal of creating an easy to understand and humanistic approach to such a complicated piece of technology. The video worked so well, in fact, that when IBM Watson was featured in Ad Age they used our video as the product explainer. In addition to the article in Ad Age it was the video was also featured in a Cynopsis Digital newsletter and tweeted by the CMO of IBM himself!

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