Maker Camp

Field Trip Series: Live Google+ Hangout On Air Production


Make wanted to go beyond the “talking head” format so popular within Google+ Hangout production, and wanted to engage with viewers while on virtual, real-time field trips to locations where innovative and creative people make awesome stuff. The goal was to create a digital environment that allowed viewers to feel like they were traveling from place to place, going on field trips all summer long that stimulated the learning process by way of high-level access to places and experts. It called upon Magnet to produce eight of these adventures.


The Magnet team flew around the country (and even out of it, to LEGO’s headquarters in Denmark) to produce these live Google+ Hangouts On Air for the Maker Camp Field Trip series. Producers went to Google to check out the self-driving car, to Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, to Disneyland, behind the scenes with the Blue Man Group in Vegas, and more. At each location, they assembled local crew for live broadcast, filmed b-roll, worked the switch board, operated cameras, and made sure the live connection was up to speed so that viewers got an optimal experience complete with real-time interactive capabilities.


Make expressed its satisfaction with the Hangouts and was happy with the engagement achieved throughout the summer. Thousands tuned into each live broadcast and many more continue to watch the Hangouts after the fact on its YouTube channel.

“I appreciate all your focused attention and energy to make the program a success…Nicely done.” – Benjamin Privitt, Maker Media

“You guys rock!! Congrats to the entire team.” – Sherry Huss, Vice President of Maker Media


Jim Henson’s Creature Shop

Google Self-Driving Cars!

Disneyland Field Trip!

LEGO Denmark

Buzz Aldrin and NASA

Blue Man Group!

Cartoon Network Field Trip!

Google Maps Street View

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